Candace Cohen
Graphic Design & Art Direction
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Contemporary Workplace

A New Word in Office Furniture Given that displaying the actual ingredient, a clear and colorless liquid, would not emotionally resonate — we decided to represent Brontide’s benefits with visuals of raw ingredients and quality end products. Boost Your Productivity Did yourself carriage learning she man its replying. Sister piqued living her you enable mrs...

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Cassio Apartments

We always produce scaled prototype and set out every single item. It will tell you everything you need to know about how the space will function at a very early stage. If you’re spending the money, you should get it right from the offset. We invest in bespoke pieces for your home so your home...

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Winter Villa

Your home interior should reflect your personality 01  /  Living Room 02  /  Modern Furniture 03  /  High Quality Wood 04  /  Heating System keyboard_arrow_left keyboard_arrow_right Do what brings you joy. When creating a home, fill it with things that make you happy. They should stir fond memories and help you make new ones. While designing interiors, especially for a small space, do...

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